The Unendowed

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Artist Statement

'The Unendowed' Series
Artist Statement

Kriss De Jong

A multimedia artist working in art and technology.

The Unendowed exposes the minor demons, specters, & stranded spirits found among the gravestones. It catches these creatures, who cannot or will not move on, cavorting in their corporeal body’s final resting place.

De Jong creates abstract figures that defy categorization. These figures flow from pen to paper, transforming to sculptural beings set in sepulchral surrounding.

Working to reveal a new urban mythology, she photographically captures the stones and crypts, mostly of the forgotten, unendowed areas of the cemetery. The figures are painted in acrylic over the photographic pigment prints on canvas or watercolor paper mounted on handbuilt panels.

Kriss De Jong is a multimedia artist who moves smoothly between the worlds of visual art, audio, video and performance. De Jong has shown work and performed Internationally.

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